Physical Affects of Music

October 23, 2007

Music affects people in all different ways. We become somber during the classical, we go crazy during the punk rock, and we enjoy our 12 hour long road trip listening to country. Music puts us in very different moods, for we love that feeling inside of us as we concentrate on certain progressions, words, or for that matter even the sounds that are produced.

To me, the music that I relax to gives me a feeling that I cannot describe, for internally I feel as if I am a new me. I feel a massive rush of blood to my head and the music and me become innertwined. I feel as if my body were almost numb. It makes me feel as if I am there while the music is being performed live. I love this.

Music does infact have different purposes for different people. People like listen to music to focus on their studying. Some people, on the other hand, will listen to music to get their mind off of things. All in all, we listen to music to stimulate our minds, to make us think clearer, and to make us think in ways we did not know we could.

Personally, the music that stimulates me the most is anything original, no matter what genre it may be. A common thing that I notice from original music is the performer’s ability to create new sounds, progressions, and their ability to improvize. I will talk later on specific bands that focus on these things. I firmly believe that there are no limitations to where music can lead one to.


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