December 7, 2007

I LOVE originality. There are way too many musicians now in our time that sound too similar, and quite frankly it has brought me to the point where I rarely listen to music anymore. There are too many bands now that sound so similar that music listeners cannot even perceive of who the artist is. I used to have somewhat of a venturous time exploring the world of music to see what is out there; but those days are few if none. Yet I do understand though that there is limited room for new innovative ideas in the music world, regarding chord variations, chord progressions, time signatures and other variables of things contributed to song making and writing. To me, music is just becoming fake and boring……

The only music worth listening to contains originality and more importantly, the ability to improvize.  This is the type of music that stimulates me. It gets me going…… it gives me a rush. Genres such as blues and classic rock I believe have so much to offer and contain the elements that I love listening to. These genres show the most emphasis on passion and really bring songs to life. Blues especially turn me on for the 1-4-5 progression leaves so much room for improvization. Here is an example of one of my favorite blues artists Stevie Ray Vaughn, truly putting himself in the spotlight:


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